Autotrading Solution for Crypto Traders

Advance AutoTrading Solution

Grow your crytpto investments with advanced bots developed by LegsBot. Our bots are not emotional

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Create bots easily wihthout needing your own server or knowing any programming language


LegsBot sends every transaction logs to you via Telegram

Advance Bots

Create customized bots with advance/detailed parameters
LegsBot Mobile App

User Friendly

We focused on how can we use easily, please send your feedback via app for better UI experience


Access the candlestick chart by clicking the symbol

Preset Bots

Copy the most profitable bots by using preset parameters

LegsBot Galaxy


The bot trades for you by using the "Dollar Cost Averaging" strategy and closes the position when the specified conditions occur. DCA bot uses two methods when buying. It can buy at every period you specify or as the price of asset decreases. The bot also maximize the profit by using "Trailing Take Profit" feature

How to use?

Grid Bot

We developed the Grid Bot strategy with our advanced algorithms, which makes more profit in fluctuating markets. As the price fluctuates, the bot buys and sells on your behalf. The bot works for both short and long positions and minimizes your loss by using stop loss feature.
You can determine the grid levels manually on the chart, or you can use the support/resistance and fibonacci levels determined by Coinlegs algorithms using historical data

How to use?

Smart Trade Bot

Much more than simple trading. It opens positions at the levels you specify, maximizes your profit with the trailing take profit feature and minimizes your loss with the stop loss feature. You can also use "Stop Loss Timeout" feature to avoid fake pump/dump and repeat trades around the support/resistance zones. It supports One-Way and Hedge modes

How to use?

Market Place Bot

Traders can create signals at Market Place on Coinlegs then share these signals with other users. You can create Market Place Bot which uses these signals. Click here to access market place signals

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Smart Alert Bot

Coinlegs has 40+ advance algorithms(Double Top, Elliot Waves, MACD, Super Trend, TD Sequential etc.) You can start your bot which uses technical analysis detections. We advice you to use paper trading to learn which technical analysis detections work better

How to use?

Smart Custom Signal Bot

You don't need to know any programming language to create advance signals which trigger when some combination occurs. For example, Coinlegs can trigger buy signal when Super Trend and Falling Wedge breakout occur at the same time. It's an interesting :)
You can create a bot which uses dozens of combinations like this

How to use?